Weapon of choice

I can see her through the window, fresh out of the shower wearing nothing but a dressing gown. I must have her.

I knock on the door. I can hear the key turn in the lock, standing close to door as she turns the handle I burst through, holding my pistol in one hand, pointing straight at her. She freezes, terrified. Her lip quivers as tears run down her cheeks. At that moment, she is mine. I kick the door shut behind me and step forward, pressing the barrel against her head, “Turn around and walk forward”. Her lips part as she tries to speak, but nothing comes out. I grab her arm, she winces at the pain. I force her round and push the gun into her back as she walks towards to lounge. I stop her in the centre of the room and lower her to her knees. I walk round in front of her, never once taking her out of my sight. As she sees me move, her eyes are fixated on the barrel. “Take off the robe” I order. She does nothing. I kneel down slowly, then grabbing her hair in one hand I thrust gun into her ribs. Using the tip, I draw her robe open and admire her pale skin. I trace a line around her breasts as she shivers at the cold metal. As I start to move the barrel lower she starts to cry out loud. I pull tighter on her hair, wrenching her head back, and continue to move closer to her cunt. I drag her to the floor, placing my knee between her legs and the pistol in her side…

After I’m finished with her, I take a moment to admire the battered, bruised woman in front of me. As I leave, I lift the pistol and release the magazine to show her the gun was never loaded. She smiles, “Next time, bring a knife”.

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>Am I evil? (Part I)


I grew up in a household scarred with memories of domestic violence, of the terrible things “good men” do when influenced by alcohol and a knowledge of things my parents tried so hard to hide from me that they became obvious.

Being told at the age of 14 that I was “just like your mum’s dad” was heartbreaking. Apart from knowing he had died before I was born, he was rarely talked about by my family. From the few conversations I had overheard, what I did know is that he was a drinker, a cheater, a man of unspeakable violence, a man who terrorised those closest to him.

Being the matriarch of the family, I rarely questioned my grandmother, but after being told this, the words just slipped out of my mouth “How am I like HIM?” I asked. She proceeded to tell me about how he was intelligent and charming and overall a wonderful man. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I knew what he did to her, my mother and uncle. To me, this violence was, and is, inexcusable. He could have been the most wonderful man on earth, but the moment he hurt his family out of anger, he was dirt to me.

When I met A, I would reflect on this moment and kept telling myself I would never be that man, as if the statement was a prophecy. That I was doomed to hurt those I love.

I guess, in some way it was true.

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>Hello Mr Williams


After a long break, I’ve started to explore role-play again. Through talking to friends, I have realised that one of the issues with maintaining fulfilling long-term role-plays previously was the lack of definition to my characters. We always developed A’s characters, but my own were left nameless.
When asking a writer friend how she names her characters I found myself facing questions that I hadn’t even thought of. Simple things, such as “What does he like?” hadn’t even crossed my mind at that point. This led me to thinking a lot harder about what and who I wanted to be.
I already knew what I wanted my character to be, a teacher. Having started courting A when we were both at High School, I find the school girl look one that naturally appeals. Of course, I’m not exactly alone in that respect.
I have found the whole process of creating a new identity very enjoyable, everything from what he likes to drink, to deciding on a name. Right now, my partner/s will only know him as Mr Williams, though he does have a full name. If you are ever lucky enough to find it out, then he must like you a lot!
I won’t bore you all with the details, if you want to know more about him, just ask me through one of my other profiles.
I will leave you all with this photograph though, I took this nearly 6 years ago now, but I feel that it sums up my current perverted thoughts perfectly.

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